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Welcome to J&E Cash ‘n Carry – one of South Africa’s biggest wholesalers in the following categories of products: Cosmetics, Groceries, Sweets, Personal Care, Household, Health, Beauty, Baby, Hardware, Electric & Stationery. We supply traders only, and offer the highest standards of service, the cheapest deals, and the best buying experience! As one of Pretoria’s oldest existing wholesalers, having been established in 1945, our reputation speaks for itself. Get in store, and let us be your partner in growing your business! THUMB Samp


Featured Products

  • Cremora 1kgCremora Cartons 1kg
    R 31.99 
  • D'lite OilD’lite Cooking Oil 2lt
    R 21.99 
  • Minora 2 Disposable Razors 24'sMinora II Disp. Razors 24’s
    R 57.99 
  • All Gold Tomato Sauce 700mlAll Gold Tomato Sauce 6x700ml
    R 88.99 
  • Sunlight Washing Powder 1kg, 2kgSunlight Washing Powder 8x2kg
    R 238.99 
  • Koo Baked Beans 410gKoo Baked Beans 12x410g
    R 78.99 
  • Colgate Toothpaste 50mlColgate Toothpaste 12x100ml
    R 72.99 
  • Grand-Pa Headache Powders 144'sGrandpa H/Powders 144’s
    R 100.99